Didis Vision

Photography and business is what I do. 


My vision is to work with enthusiasts and aspiring photographers through workshops and seminars, with my farm as a venue, to teach them different techniques, and apply them in real-time.

I mentor the creative I support people to get rid of belief systems that dont serve them. We cleanse and then we focus on what their needs are. No book is followed only what you need is put into action.

 Through my mentorship and tutorial programs, aspiring photographers and entrepreneurs can take their businesses to greater heights.  


 Our Services

We aim to support photographers and entrepreneurs in growing their businesses through our mentorship and collaboration programs. The Didi Photos website is packed with e-books and blogs on different photography techniques. Learn practical solutions in making the medium a viable marketing tool for your growing enterprise. Our collaboration and mentorship programs provide you the right nudge to creativity and limitless growth. You can even learn time-lapse video from here. We have more ideas and programs developing for the future that we want you to be part of.


About Matthew Symons

I AM is tattooed on my fingers to always remind me that I AM capable of living my dreams.


I AM  self-taught entrepreneur, who overcame struggles in alcoholism and addiction, and am an example of how a young man who was destined for death ,jail or a miserable existence can defeat the odds and show anything is possible if you getting up and you dont listen to the noise of others.  

I have had it said to me from friends who knew me from school that its a miracle to what I have achieved. I was the messed up rebel who failed everything.

Upon finding a skateboarding community as a teen, he was able to overcome his low self-esteem, and this has propelled him to help others to see the magic in their abilities and never let anyone put them down. Supported by his wife, mentors and listened close to 300 audio books that helped him gradually boost his self-esteem he went on to build businesses and photography. Through photography he found his peace and meditation and real growth which helped him connect to nature. Through his experiences, he learned the valuable lesson that nothing can hold you back other than yourself.